My Boys

My Boys

Friday, November 7, 2014

Bryson turns 2!

A few random pictures leading up to his birthday...

A Saturday morning hanging out in the study while Daddy played Ultimate Frisbee.

Whenever it's time to get in the car, Bryson tries to race to the back of the van to sit in a "big boy" seat.

A particularly messy lunch

Chocolate ice cream!

We got together with my family on Nov. 1st for some cupcakes in the park. Bryson was pretty clueless but loved the attention and loved opening presents. 

Singing "Happy Birthday"

Sporting new pajamas that Grandma got him.

His other presents

What's life like as a 2-year-old?
Bryson wakes up around 7am every morning. With the recent time change, he's been waking up more around 6:30. He's hungry for breakfast first thing, which usually ends up being pancakes since that's Caleb's request every morning. He loves Cheerios, bananas, waffles, oatmeal and eggs for breakfast as well. We run Caleb to school in the double jogging stroller while Caleb rides his bike. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we rush home so Mommy can get ready for teaching preschool. Bryson gets in the way at preschool a lot, but the kids are really patient with him, and Bryson is getting better at learning to sit on his carpet square. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we have a more relaxing morning. Sometimes we go ride bikes after we get home from taking Caleb to school since that's Bryson's favorite thing to do. He loves to take off on his little tricycle. Other times we go to the park, go to play groups, or run errands. 

Around noon he eats lunch and then goes down for a nap every day at 1pm. Most of the time he sleeps until 4pm which is sacred time for me to get things done around the house or do things for my calling. Once Bryson wakes up, Caleb is home from school and we love to go play in the backyard together. Caleb and Carter like to take turns batting while Bryson fetches balls. The boys usually continue playing while I go inside and make dinner. Because the weather has been nicer, lately we've been jumping on the trampoline every night together as a family after Daddy gets home and after dinner. It's even more fun now that Daddy brought home these fun balls that we put on the trampoline.

Cool ninja moves

Bryson loves to dance and jump to music. In this picture, he's holding the ipad because it was playing some fun songs while he jumped around on the trampoline.

Around 6:30 - 7 we start the bedtime routine with baths, scripture study, prayers, brushing teeth and Bryson's bedtime. His bedtime was getting later and later (8:30) and thankfully the time change has helped us get back on track to getting him to bed at 7:30.

We've started taking steps towards potty-training. Up till now we've had Bryson sit on the potty before bath time every night. Now we're trying to buckle down and make some progress. He's had two successes which will hopefully get him started with recognizing what to do. We'll go from here and see if he gets things figured out as quickly as my other boys who were both potty-trained and in underwear by 27 months.

Happy boy after he got a candy corn for going #1 in the potty!

It took Bryson longer than average to start talking. He would just make noises like "eh-eh" while he pointed at things expecting me to tell him what everything was called. Things have finally started clicking. I just counted today all the words he knows, and he's at 30 which I think might actually be average for a 24 month old? "Hot" was his first word. I love that "Carter" was also one of his first words. He loves to say Carter's name; he calls out Carter's name in the morning when he wants Carter to get him out of bed, and when he can't find Carter during the day, he'll walk around the house calling out Carter's name over and over. It's really cute. With that said, Bryson is very much still a Momma's boy. He loves to play with Daddy for just a little bit before he runs back over to me. One of the more interesting words that Bryson says is "moon" as he points out the moon when we're out at night. Bryson is still very much obsessed with dogs and loves to point out busses as well which he calls "but."

Bryson's favorite game to play is Hide and Seek. He only likes to hide and only if I'm holding him. Daddy is always the seeker and chases us around the house. Bryson gets so excited while we're hiding that he generally gives our location away with his squeals and laughter.

We love having him as part of our family!!

Halloween 2014

Bryson was a dinosaur for the second year in a row. Last year the costume was a little big on him, this year it was a little small on him. I took this picture at Zoo Boo. We had a fun day there with some friends!

Carter went as a fireman this year. 

I somehow missed snapping a picture of Caleb in all the hustle and bustle. At 7, he felt a little old and wasn't sure he wanted to go around trick-or-treating. It was only when I said his 9-year-old cousin was going that he decided to go. He dressed up as a detective, or more specifically, Nate the Great.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Day 4: Animal Kingdom

We enjoyed a relaxing morning where we weren't trying to rush off. We knew Animal Kingdom would be the least busy of the parks and weren't concerned about being there right when it opened. It actually was sprinkling steadily in the morning which kept people away as well. So we threw on our ponchos and headed off for the day.

Waiting for the elevator

We went to Expedition Everest first thing--Carter was pretty heart-broken that he wasn't tall enough to ride it, but he was a good sport.

Then we rode Kali River Rapids while taking turns with Bryson.

The safari ride and some of the animals we saw

We definitely made time for the Lion King show, which is my favorite in all of Disney World: fabulous singing and dancing. We also went to the Flights of Wonder show, but decided to pass on the Finding Nemo one. Matt and I didn't enjoy it much last time, and he and I actually snuck out early last time.

Instead, we spent a good portion of time hanging out in DinoLand.

The Dinosaur ride--the boys got pretty scared but still rode it again with me.

The boys were too short and kept their dinosaur flying too high that this was the best picture I could get for the Triceratop Spin.

Bryson and I hanging out in the Boneyard play area.

Digging for fossils

We didn't do a ton of character pictures--the lines were always forever long and our boys just didn't care a whole lot and Bryson was terrified of any character. We happened to pass by when there was a short line for Russell and Dug.

Matt and Caleb went to ride Expedition Everest a few more times before we went home. Carter was able to get a fast pass to the ride which will allow him to go to the front of the line when he is tall enough for the ride. That made his day!

While Caleb and Matt rode Expedition Everest again, Bryson, Carter and I took a train to Rafiki's island and visited a petting zoo.

Then we met up with Matt at the exit to go back to the hotel. (Matt and Caleb rode Expedition Everest 9 more times!) Matt had promised to take the boys swimming, so once we got back to the hotel, they all went swimming.

A friend that went to Disney World a few weeks before us recommended the restaurant 'Ohanas. We were able to get a reservation, but it wasn't until 8pm that night. We debated all day long about canceling since we knew that would make it a late night for our kids. When we were told by a fellow vacationer that it was their favorite restaurant in all of Disney World, we decided to risk it.

There was SO much food, and it was all so yummy!

Fuzzy picture, but this is Carter participating in a luau dance.

After dinner with full bellies and a few pounds heavier. I agree whole-heartedly--best restaurant in all of Disney World!

A picture at the Polynesian Resort before taking the monorail to Magic Kingdom.

A picture in front of Magic Kingdom with Halloween decor. We then caught a bus back to our hotel. Again it was another late night. 

Sunday morning we packed up and caught our flight home. Again, we planned the flight during Bryson's nap so that he would sleep the entire time. Did that happen? Nope! This time I had Skittles in my purse for bribery though in case our plan backfired again. Overall, the boys all did well on the plane and we were excited to be home.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Day 3: Hollywood Studios

The downside to day 3 was that our shoes got soaked from the previous night at Magic Kingdom, and I only brought one pair of tennis shoes per person. So, the boys had to wear the only other pair of shoes I packed: their water shoes. Caleb's flip flops gave him a blister but he did a good job of being a good sport despite that. I should add that we told Carter before the trip that we were bringing one stroller and it was for Bryson so Carter would have to be a big boy and walk everywhere. He did it too! He only asked me to carry him once during the whole trip!

After the previous night's experience, we went ahead and purchased ponchos and set out for the day. It sprinkled lightly in the afternoon, but overall, a great day of weather. Much cooler than the previous day!

Waiting for the bus to take us to Hollywood Studios

We did what everyone else did once the gates opened--head to Toy Story. 

We had a 25 minute wait--not too shabby. Lots of decor to take pictures in front of.

We love the Toy Story ride! It's so awesome. Matt schooled me again by getting a higher score than me.

This toy soldier freaked Bryson out.

Next we headed to Tower of Terror to use a fast pass.

I think the boys were definitely scared on the ride, but they said they liked it. They rode it again with Matt.

While I rode Rockin' Roller coaster, Matt took the boys over to see a magic show. They actually got to participate in the show!

None of the boys were tall enough for Rockin' Roller coaster so Matt and I took turns.

Picture opportunity with Sven

We split up for lunch since Carter was determined to have a ham and cheese sandwich with mustard (his favorite food). So everyone else went for a pizza lunch and Carter and I went to a sandwich place. It was right next to the "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" playground, so Carter played after lunch.

We enjoyed the car show. Caleb and Carter got to meet one of the stunt guys!

Beauty and the Beast

The boys enjoyed the Indiana Jones show and their first funnel cake while watching the show!
(no picture)

We ran to do Tower of Terror one more time before we planned to leave. The boys had a chance to ride it twice and Matt and I wanted one more ride each. Caleb rode it with Matt while Carter, Bryson and I hung out by the exit and played with bubbles.

Then I used the rider switch pass to ride it again with Carter. When we were less than 10 minutes a way from our turn, Carter told me he didn't want to ride it. When I asked him why, he said he was too scared. I was confused--Carter is our little dare devil and had already been on the ride twice. He claimed it as one of his favorite rides of the day! He started getting more and more adamant that he didn't want to ride it. I was torn because I knew if I got out of line, I wouldn't make everyone else wait for me again, and I really wanted to ride it one more time. I called Matt, and we were trying to figure out if there was a way for Carter to head down the real elevator and meet Matt by himself (which I wasn't really comfortable with) or if I should just get out of line with Carter. A lady next to us heard the dilemma and decided to try to help. She told Carter that she had never been on the ride before and that she was really scared. Carter told her it was only a little bit scary, and she asked if Carter would ride it with her so she wouldn't be scared. That seemed to appease Carter and we got on the ride. Once the ride started, Carter kept saying over and over again that he wanted to get off. Needless to say, I did not enjoy the ride either because I was feeling SO guilty that we didn't get out of line. This picture absolutely breaks my heart--a terrified little boy clinging to his mother for dear life. Biggest regret of the trip; it definitely wasn't worth it. :(

[I asked Carter today if he was mad at me for making him ride Tower of Terror that last time while we were at Disney World. He said no, it wasn't scary, and that he really liked the ride. This picture begs to differ!]

We left the park late afternoon and decided to use our dining points to order room service for dinner when we got back to our resort. It was nice to have a relaxing evening since the previous day/night was so long. I put Bryson to bed early while Matt and the other boys explored the resort.