My Boys

My Boys

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Family Pictures

My sweet family of boys

Caleb, 8 years old

Carter, 5 years old

Bryson, 3 years old

Austin, 3 months old

Kind of a fun picture!

Austin at 4 Months

Austin has caused us a lot of worry in his short life, granted these things are relatively small.

1) At his 2 week appointment, we weren't able to see his regular pediatrician. The pediatrician we saw was concerned about a bulge over his soft spot and that the fluids weren't draining correctly. We scheduled an appointment for an ultrasound. It came back normal thankfully. When we saw our regular pediatrician at the follow-up visit, she took one look at Austin and saw that he had the same "look" as Bryson--same head shape mostly. Bryson's soft spot still has not closed up which has to do with the disease Matt was born with, cleidocranial dysostosis. She had no concerns about Austin whatsoever and just said we would treat him the same as Bryson--watch him carefully and make sure he meets all his milestones. I know it's better to be safe than sorry, but if I only would have been able to see my regular pediatrician who knows my kids and their history, we could have avoided the drama that came along with that ultrasound appointment!

2) After the 2 month appointment, our (regular) pediatrician was concerned about a slight bulge on his forehead (right side). We scheduled an appointment with a neurosurgeon downtown 3 weeks later. At that appointment, the neurosurgeon said the slight bulge was due to the fact that he sleeps too much on his right side. We were assigned the task of having Austin sleep on his left side exclusively so that it could balance out. We haven't had a follow-up appointment yet to see if that has worked, but I think it's helped so far. Matt and I had not noticed that Austin tended to favor his right side when it came to sleeping; forcing Austin to sleep on the other side totally messed up his sleeping schedule which was progressing so nicely. At 3 months, Austin was mostly nursing for the last time at night around 7 to 8pm and then sleeping till 3:30am and then up for good at 6:30. Forcing him to sleep on his left side caused his sleeping schedule to revert to a newborn. I was nursing at 11pm, 2am, 5am then up at 6am to go running. (I'm training for a half marathon.) It was SO hard to go backwards. He's finally adjusted to sleeping on his left side, and we're making progress in a good direction to sleeping longer. Still not where it was though.

3) We had to do another doctor's appointment for Austin a few weeks ago because he hadn't had a BM in 9 days! Things seem to be working okay still and going longer between BM might just be his "normal."

So with all the frequent well-check appointments, we've been going to the doctor a lot for baby Austin!

Austin is now 4 months. We've been doing lots of tummy time, and he has rolled over 4 different times from his tummy to his back. I am his favorite person and sometimes nothing else will make him happy except me holding him. The kids love to make him smile. The first person Carter and Bryson want to see when they wake up in the morning is baby Austin. Caleb is the only one allowed to pick Austin up, so he's a great helper when I'm teaching piano and the baby just wants to be held by someone standing up.

Austin's 4 month measurements: 15 lb 9oz (52%), 24.5” (20%), and head circumference was off the charts but following the curve. His stats were almost spot on to Bryson’s except Bryson weighed 15 lb. 4 oz.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Another Soccer Season

Carter finished up his second season of soccer and really enjoyed it. He's not as serious about sports as Caleb, but he understands the concept of the game and goes out there and gets the job done. This season he had a few other players who could run fast like him and kick the ball but one player would kick the ball any direction he felt like and the other would do all he could to push and shove in order to get to the ball. So poor Carter was not only working against the other team to score a goal but also working against the players on his own team who would try to steal the ball from him instead of giving Carter the opportunity to pass to them. Although he would get frustrated in the moment, he's an upbeat and happy boy who was glad to play and have fun!

His soccer team

So excited about his trophy!

He just started a winter season of soccer, and we decided to try a more competitive team this time. {The cost is more than double the price of this league, which was the only hold-up from doing it sooner!}

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas 2015

The boys visiting Santa and Mrs. Clause. Bryson didn't get scared this year.

Family Home Evening activity
Notice the summer attire. We had unseasonably warm weather the week before Christmas.

Christmas morning! We started opening presents at about 8am. I didn't do as well this year at taking pictures. We tried to focus on around 6 presents per boy: a book, a game, something to wear, their favorite sugar cereal, and 2 fun things/toys + their stocking (toothpaste, "fun" bandaids, play dough, and candy).

Bryson got this fishing game

and a new car to drive!

Caleb's favorite presents this year were a new basketball and a new ping pong paddle. He got a new fun game called Doodle Quest. The other two games pictured were ones Matt got for the family to play on Sundays together. They've all been lots of fun!

Carter said his favorite present this year was this new church outfit. Kind of a surprising answer. Another favorite was an incredible hulk costume that he specifically asked for from Santa.

Austin got some new pajamas from Grandma!

The Christmas present to ourselves this year was a new stone fireplace. We're still deciding what color to stain the mantel. We also did some house painting! We painted the kitchen, breakfast nook, and family room the first few weeks in December.

My parents gave us this beautiful picture of Christ for Christmas. We love it so much!

We enjoyed our Christmas break and spent a lot of time playing ping pong and games together. We also enjoyed spending time with extended family!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is always an event to look forward to! We love spending time with family. The evening consisted of chimes, a yummy turkey and ham dinner, talent show, acting out the Nativity story, white elephant, and present exchange. I didn't catch pictures of everything, but it was a fun-filled evening.

Waiting on the stairs for their part to be called.

Caleb kept track that it was his turn to be Joseph this year.

Shepherds and angels

The 3 wisemen

Monday, December 28, 2015

Some December Pictures

One thing I stayed on top of this December was wrapping presents as I bought them. The drawback: this sneaky boy found where I hid some of them and decided to open one! Luckily it was one of his presents. He had fun playing with that Christmas present early.

Bryson moves around a lot at night, usually from bed to bed. All 3 of the older boys share a room so sometimes we'll find Bryson in Carter's bed or Caleb's bed (and sometimes our bed when he gets really scared...). This moment just warmed my heart, and I was glad to capture it on camera. 
 {I don't have an explanation about where Bryson's shirt is! He must have been hot or spilled water on it or something.  (If he spills on his clothes at all, he wants to take them off and put new ones on.)}

Last week as a nursery kiddo. He'll be going to Primary as a Sunbeam next year! (And I'm one nervous mommy about how he'll do with seeing me at the front of the room each week.)

We did a zoo trip with cousins in December when Aunt Lindsey and Teddy came to visit. No pictures of them. Sad.

Cousins Gavin and Lili holding baby Austin

3 months old on December 10th!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Caleb's baptism day was scheduled for Sept. 12th. I really felt like I was going to have an August baby, so I thought Austin would be around 2 weeks old at Caleb's baptism. My younger brother lives 3 hours away, and he planned to be there at the baptism to play a musical number as well as participate in Austin's baby blessing the following day. Because Austin arrived so late on Sept. 10th, we cancelled both events.

Instead, Caleb was baptized on October 24th. There was a hurricane happening in Mexico that day, so we had some very rainy weather with predictions of flooding. I was a little concerned that we might have trouble getting to the church building due to weather! I thought it was symbolic that the earth was cleaned by rain on the same day that Caleb's life was cleaned by baptism.

Caleb and Carter both had sports games scheduled that day as well as pictures, so we thought it was going to be a super busy day. Fortunately the rain cancelled everything except Carter's pictures, but it still ended up being chaotic as Carter's pictures were an hour before the baptism. Matt and I split up to divide and conquer, but some things got forgotten--Carter's church clothes that I had set out and a towel to dry off. Both important items! So Carter attended the baptism in his soccer uniform and Caleb and Matt used paper towels to dry off after the baptism. :)

Here are some of Caleb's baptism pictures that I took:

This is the one we used to display next to the programs.

It's taken me so long to post about Caleb's baptism because I want to recreate this picture. It's a little fuzzy and Caleb's eyes are closed. We've tried twice to recreate it and something came up both times that prevented it from actually happening.

Caleb was baptized with two other children from our ward that day. Both of Caleb's home teachers spoke since they were the home teachers of another girl getting baptized that day as well. Brother Pennington gave the talk on baptism and Brother Sivula gave the talk on the Holy Ghost. Jared and Ariane played a piano duet, "The Spirit of God," as a musical number. Matt performed both the baptism and confirmation. It was a special day especially because Caleb had been looking forward to it for such a long time! Caleb has the sweetest spirit, and we feel so blessed to be his parents. We are so proud of him and this decision that will influence both this life and the next.