My Boys

My Boys

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Matt is the gardner in our family; I love reaping the benefits. Last year, we weren't able to do much of a garden because we were moving. We planted some tomatoes, and as we feared, didn't get to eat any of them as they were ready to pick a few weeks after we moved. Matt's been working hard this year, experimenting with different variables to see what yields the best results. We have room for a bigger garden now. Yay!

Tomatoes on the left, peppers on the right

Corn up top and herbs at the bottom

spinach, onions, carrots

Entire garden

We have some strawberry plants growing well so far too that you can't see well in any of the pictures. Just as in the past, Caleb loves going out to check the progress of the garden each day. He gives us a count daily of what's far 8 tomatoes and 2 strawberries.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Piano Progress

Caleb really wanted me to post a video of him playing his latest piano piece. His piano teacher asked Caleb to learn the right hand of the first two lines this week since it's a difficult song. That only served as a challenge to Caleb. He learned the entire song in two days (both hands) and had it memorized after four days. He can be quite determined.


Birthday Boy!

Carter's 4th birthday was last Sunday, March 30th. The poor kid had to wait till after church to open presents because I had early-morning meetings. (I was just called a month ago as the ward Primary President.)

He requested an Incredible Hulk birthday cake. It was a team effort between Matt and I...we just did the best we could. Of course Carter was ecstatic!

Carter requested an Incredible Hulk cake last year as well. (Still an obsession a year later?) But I convinced him to have a Captain America cake instead since making the shield was going to be a lot easier than Incredible Hulk. So when he asked for Incredible Hulk again this year, we had to make it happen.

Later that night we got together with my family to eat cake, and Carter got to open a few more presents.

(I forgot to turn my phone sideways while videoing.)

Matt and I also celebrated birthdays this past week. Mine was also Sunday, the 30th, and Matt's was Wed. April 2nd. Another year older and wiser too...

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Gone Fishin'

Saturday after Caleb and I finished our 5K, Matt took Caleb and Carter to the neighborhood pond for a fishing tournament. Caleb caught two fish (7 and 8 in.), which wasn't enough to qualify for any prizes. They sure had fun though!

Caleb is trying to get the attention of one of the judges to come measure the fish.

Bryson and I were getting bored at home (it was a 3 hour tournament!), so we ran over to the pond to watch for a while. Bryson has just started giving kisses, so Matt told him to give the fish a kiss. Not very nice!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

5K Fun Run

So Caleb has been begging to do a race with me ever since my marathon. I heard about a 5K that was free pretty close by and asked Caleb if he'd like to run it with me. He was very excited about it.

Before the race

I let Caleb start out setting the pace. He tried to start out pretty fast, and I encouraged him to slow down a little bit to save his energy. He was very motivated by the people around him, especially if he saw another kid running. I was very surprised that we finished the first mile in 9:08! After we finished the first loop (it was 2 loops), he seemed a little discouraged that we still had a whole other loop to do. I fully expected that we would have to stop and walk at some point so I kept asking Caleb if he was doing alright and needed to walk. He just kept saying he was okay. Anytime he could hear footsteps coming up behind him, he sped up. He was determined not to let anyone pass him! He was also determined to beat any other kid that was out running the race. If he passed another kid, a little race ensued between the two kids for about a minute, but Caleb always held his ground.

He finished in about 28 min. (I forgot to look at our "official" finishing time and there were no timing chips.) But my Garmin clocked him at averaging 9:13 miles. Not bad for a 6-year-old. He came in first place among the kids, and I'm pretty sure he was the youngest of all the kids in the race! He far exceeded my expectations. (I actually got a decent run in for the morning!)

After he finished and I told him how proud I was of him, he said, "Now do you believe me mom when I say that I want to run a marathon with you?" It was so cute to see him feeling so great after the race. He told me, "Mom, 6 years old is the best time of my life!"

After the race

Grandpa ran the race as well. Caleb's holding 1 finger because he got first place and Grandpa got 2nd place. We beat my dad by less than 2 minutes.

Capturing Moments

First time licking the beater

He was a fan!

I've got to capture the moments when they're actually being nice to each other! I have to remind myself some days that they really do love each other.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Break Camping

Just like last year, I tried to make Spring Break really fun for Caleb since it's a whole week off of school! We had something fun planned every day.

Clayton and Kara visited during Spring Break and stopped by our house on Wednesday. 

Caleb showing off his jump-roping skills

Jumping on the trampoline together

Duck, duck, goose

staticky hair

 Caleb was so excited to play Dominion with the adults on Thursday night! He's quite good for a 6-year-old.

We made plans originally to go camping Thursday - Saturday, but the weather didn't cooperate. It was going to get down to 39 Thursday night, so we opted for Friday/Saturday camping. We had a great time!

Carter "helping" to set up the tent.

Clayton and Kara joined us for Friday day. We roasted hot dogs/chili dogs for lunch and s'mores

Bryson is wearing some of his roasted marshmallow on his shirt :o)

We did some hiking Friday afternoon and ended by a creek, where the little kids ultimately ended up playing in the water in only their underwear! There were several other people swimming in it, which was part of the lure for all our kids to join in as well. Although the water was pretty cold, the kids had a lot of fun.

They were just going to "wade" in the didn't last too long.

Bryson had a great time. There were lots of dogs and birds for him to point out.

Carter enjoyed finding sticks to play with.

Caleb and Dallin had a lot of fun together. Ever since moving took my sister and I in two different directions within our city, we don't see each other nearly as often. The boys miss it!

We did stew and cobbler for dinner and dessert that night, then attempted to play games after the kiddos went to bed. Some fell asleep better than others. 

After a miserable night's sleep, Saturday began with hot chocolate, pancakes and bacon.

 Later we looked around the nature center in the campground.

Snake room

There were some swings on the campground, which was a fun activity for the kids.

We had lots of fun playing Frisbee before cleaning up camp and heading home.