My Boys

My Boys

Monday, March 13, 2017

18 Months Old

On March 10th, Austin turned 18 months old! This is a huge milestone because he can finally go to nursery at church. It has been SO challenging to bounce Austin back and forth between myself and Matt because of my calling as Primary president and his calling as a Primary teacher. Austin is too busy and just wants to wander around and distract, so I feel like I haven't been as effective in my calling these last several months. For his first day in nursery, he cried bloody murder for the first 35 minutes and then calmed down and was fine the rest of the time. He has a very patient nursery leader who was determined to win out the crying battle. One of the things that helped him stop crying was when his friend, Jonah, popped in for a few minutes. Jonah's mom is the Primary secretary, so Jonah (13 months) and Austin have become friends over the past several months. Austin can be very tender to those younger than him, and Austin LOVES to give hugs to Jonah. As soon as Jonah came in, Austin ran over to give him a hug... and didn't let go!

Here is Austin and his other best friend and cousin, Novalee. They have become good buds during preschool. Austin runs to give her a hug first thing, and he loves to lay on her. She's a big girl and holds her own with his love and attention!


At 18 months, Austin can say the following words: hot, doggy, froggy, mommy, daddy, ball, bubble, thank you, and stuck. He had his well-check visit, and everything checked out fine. He freaked out when the pediatrician tried to look at his ears and listen to his heart.

My concerns about Austin at 18 months:
  • He is more accident-prone than my other boys. I can be right next to him, and he will have a slight stumble and get a new bruise.
  • He's not interested in milk so I've had to find other ways to get some calcium in him.
  • He refuses to eat whatever I make him for dinner. The foods he will eat well are pasta, chicken nuggets, Rice Krispies, and sometimes he will eat scrambled eggs. I know if he would just try the foods that he could like them. The other day I finally was able to get him to try some tomato basil soup I made. He loved it. He also finally tried cauliflower last night and loved it. Hopefully we're turning a corner because I've resorted to keeping the veggie/fruit pouches on hand in order to get something nutritious in him. 
  • He still has a large soft spot (so did Bryson)
  • He still uses a pacifier. Breaking Caleb of his pacifier was so hard that I didn't even bother introducing a pacifier to Carter. I think I tried to use a pacifier with Bryson but he didn't care for it. Austin, quite honestly, has been such a whiny momma's boy that the pacifier has come in so handy to plug him up. I'm trying to cut back to just offering a pacifier at bed/nap time. 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Half Marathon #7

My good friend, Laisa, and her sister-in-law

March 4, 2017 was race day! Last year I was so close to my Personal Record that I knew I was going to beat it this year provided nothing went awry during the race. The weather showed a chance of rain but besides some light sprinkling at the starting line, the rain held off.  The race atmosphere always helps me push myself harder and my finishing time was 1:41:44 or a 7:46 pace per mile! My goal was to be under an 8-minute mile so I crushed it. I finished 9th in my age division out of 281. My overall finishing rank was 251/3437, which doesn’t sound as impressive. I am always so grateful when I feel well during a run because so many things can go wrong. I did have some shin splints for the first two miles, but I was also going pretty fast getting around people, and mile 11 my stomach hurt but both problems thankfully went away so I could finish strong. I missed my Mom and Dad at the finish line (on a mission), but it was fun to see my family [briefly before they took off for Caleb's baseball game] and my sister's family who came out to support my brother-in-law, Zane. It was his first half marathon!

Other stats:
I averaged 7:39 for the first 6 miles.
My fastest mile was 7:27 and slowest mile was 7:53. 

Past races:
Half Marathon #1 (2009) 1:58:45
Half Marathon #2 (2010) 1:57:47 (8 months post baby)
Half Marathon #3 (2011) 1:52:13
Half Marathon #4 (2012) 1:48:05
Half Marathon #5 (2013) 1:54:18 (4 months post baby)
Half Marathon #6 (2016) 1:49:32 (6 months post baby)

Half Marathon #7 (2017) 1:41:44
Marathon #1 (2011) 4:28:34
Marathon #2 (2014) 3:58:08

Monday, February 13, 2017

Family Update

In January, Austin caught a horrible stomach bug that lasted for 13 days. We kept thinking he was on the mend because he would go a few days without diarrhea/vomit, but then start up again. The two things that remained constant were no appetite and extreme lethargy. It seemed like it would never end! I had to cancel 3 preschool days and took him to the doctor on day 11 because it was lasting so long, and I wanted to be sure something bigger wasn’t going on. The pediatrician confirmed that it would run its course and there wasn’t anything to prescribe. He did say that if it continued we would look into food intolerances.

Caleb and Matt also got sick. Matt started a few days after Austin and Caleb started not feeling well 4 days after Matt. I have to admit that I wasn’t the patient, doting wife I should have been. I was tired of cleaning up vomit and diarrhea from Austin and staying on top of the daily laundry; also Austin just wanted to be held all day long. It was fun to cuddle with him but prevented me from getting things done as much as I wanted. If I wasn’t holding him, he was even whinier than normal. So Austin sucked out any extra energy, and Matt pretty much had to fend for himself while he was sick. On the days he stayed home from work (Friday and a ½ day on Monday), he cuddled with Austin so I could get things done. Caleb missed 3 days of school—he only vomited once but he was weak/shaky, feverish, and had no appetite. Caleb lost a total of 4 pounds and Matt lost 9.5 pounds!

Bryson is always saying, "Take our picture! Look at how cute we are!"

I put a snack in front of Austin one day while I was making his lunch and he fell asleep!

Babysitting my nieces

Since being sick, Austin has had an obsession with Rice Krispies. He will eat 2-3 bowls a day. This picture captured a great facial expression, so we sent it to Kelloggs asking for their help supporting our son's addiction. They sent a $1 off coupon.
"More Please"

It can get pretty messy.

Now in February, baseball season is upon us. Starting this week our lives will be a lot busier and more hectic. Matt is not coaching this time which takes off some of the stress. Both Caleb and Carter made a premier team this season (the more advanced team), and they both happened to get assigned the team of Astros. They are ecstatic about it. We're looking forward to a great season!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Christmas Break

Over Christmas break we went with cousins to a trampoline park. The kids had a ton of fun!

Bryson and Samantha facing off

Carter vs. Daddy

Austin bouncing around

Dodgeball Competition

Hanging out with the littles

This vacation was my first time meeting my niece, Claire. She is such a doll! Very smiley--just not in these pictures

Caleb on the ropes course

All my siblings + spouses got together for a game night on Dec. 30--adults only. It was a blast!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas 2016

Pictures with Santa this Christmas Season

Neighborhood party

Ward Christmas party

Christmas Eve
 Christmas Eve wasn't the same without my parents, but it was so fun to have all my siblings together.
Christmas songs with handbells

Waiting to act out the nativity story

Angel visiting Mary

Angel visiting Joseph

Wise men visiting King Herod

Group picture

Kids white elephant game

A favorite dice game

Adult white elephant game--I came home with a squatty potty!

Christmas morning
Opening stockings around 7am

Austin's {one and only} present

 One of Carter's presents

Bryson's presents

Caleb's presents

Carter's presents

We spent the morning eating scones and playing new games.

We got together later that afternoon with my family. It was completely unplanned, but all 3 of us sisters wore the same shirt to church with a red scarf! My mom bought each of us one a few years ago.

We met up with Matt's family a few days after Christmas and had a nice visit.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Bryson's 4th Birthday

According to Bryson, he had 3 birthdays: his church birthday, preschool birthday and his special birthday. He asked me for probably 2 months straight at the beginning of the year every Sunday when someone came up to be sung to in Primary for their birthday, "When is it going to be my turn?!?" October 30th was finally his turn! He relished in going up to the front and everyone singing to him.

His preschool birthday
He shared some chocolate frosted donuts with sprinkles with his classmates

Opening presents on his "special" birthday

He requested a dinosaur cake again this year. I probably should have done something different from the exact same cake as last year, but creativity is not my strong suit. I should have left it up to Matt who is the creative one in our family. Bryson enjoyed making it with me though!

He enjoyed a FaceTime with Grandma and Grandpa on his birthday and going out for an ice cream cone with Pawpaw a few days after his birthday.

We find Bryson hilarious, but we have a hard time explaining it to other people. I'm sure a lot of it is his age and gaining an understanding of the world, but he cracks us up all the time.

He is still figuring out the concept of time. He likes to say, "We went to Disney World last week right?" Everything is "last week."

"Like duh" and "I told you so" are his favorite phrases.

A few weeks ago, Bryson took a sucker without asking and knowing we would have said no. Matt asked him, "Bryson, did you eat a sucker?" Bryson responded, "What's the right answer? Yes or no?"

Yesterday I freaked out because I was driving and all of a sudden I saw a lizard in my car on the passenger dashboard. After safely pulling over, I opened the window and Bryson helped shoo him out. We took off again and I expressed that I wasn't sure the lizard lived if he was still hanging onto my car. Bryson told me, "You squished the lizard with your tire. Heavenly Father is so mad at you!"

Bryson and Matt have a cute relationship. Every morning before Matt leaves for work, they tease back and forth where Matt says, "I love you." Bryson will respond, "I don't love you" in a singsongy voice and Matt will say, "You better say 'I love you' or I'm going to tickle you" etc. Or they'll go back and forth saying, "I love you more" over and over again. The other morning Matt said, "I love you more." Bryson responded, "I love you the most and stop talking about it!"

We need to catch it on video, but Bryson loves singing "One Call Away" by Charlie Puth. It's so cute.

I still need to schedule his 4yo wellness visit--our pediatrician that I have used for all my boys and the last 9 years just dropped our insurance. :-/ I haven't gotten around to finding a new one yet.