My Boys

My Boys

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Birthday Boy

Caleb turned 7 years old on August 22nd!

His favorite breakfast in the world is pancakes. He likes them super light with syrup and butter. I swear he could eat them every single day and never get sick of them!

He got a coupon for a free sundae at Culver's in honor of his birthday so he got to pick out a sundae: chocolate ice cream with M&Ms and whipped cream.

Caleb got some new church clothes, school clothes, gum, and this bow and arrow. 
Another gift was bowling the next day with Carter and Daddy since there happened to be a special. He also got some tickets to a baseball game for him and a friend.  

I am forever grateful to my sister who stepped in and saved the day for Caleb's special day. I was going on 7 days of being super sick with some sort of stomach virus, and I was still feeling awful on Caleb's birthday. He wanted to do all these fun things for his birthday including going to a water park that we bought season passes for, but I was feeling so dizzy and sick to my stomach. I managed to do Culver's for an outing, and I was barely able to keep it together for that. Ariane drove up and took my older boys swimming so that I could curl up in a ball and rest while Bryson took a nap. It was one of the nicest things she could have done for me because I was feeling SO guilty that I couldn't do more for Caleb on his birthday. It was also the last official day of summer, and he wanted to have fun!

Later, my parents showed up to celebrate with Caleb with some cake and ice cream. He got some new books to read (I know other kids his age are more advanced readers--he hasn't shown a ton of interest in reading which I'm trying to fix)

And he got the game Battleship, which we have already played quite a few times!

Matt had sole responsibility of the cake this year because I was so sick. He made Caleb a volcano cake!

Other family showed up to celebrate, but only on the front porch. :) They didn't want to catch what Carter, Matt and I were suffering through (I had it the worst). 

I hope that despite Mommy feeling guilty for being so sick that Caleb still had a terrific birthday!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Random Pictures

Caleb has been practicing the piano hard all summer long. Sometimes it gets really tricky to practice with a toddler that wants to play too!

Matt took the boys over to a friend's house after church in order to see their pet snake and bearded dragon lizard. The boys loved it!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July Happenings

 Our boys participated in the neighborhood parade/pool party for the 4th of July.
We spent the evening with friends and fireworks.

We won yard of the month out of the many thousands of houses in our neighborhood. It's a tribute to our hard work each Saturday--Matt mows/edges, the boys and I weed, and I trim bushes. Matt planted our flowers this time, and he does our mulching twice a year.

And random visitor that we had a few weeks ago. It spent the night in our tree and hung out at our house for 1/2 a day.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer, Here We Come!

Caleb had mixed feelings about finishing first grade. He was excited to have a break from school, but he knew he would miss his classmates and teacher.

Caleb finished first grade with a bang! He participated in the first grade talent show playing one of his recital pieces. He finished the year making A honor roll all year long. And he was the only one in the school who won the award below from P.E. for running the most laps of anyone in the whole school. He finished with the equivalent of 35 1/2 miles for the entire school year!! Caleb is a super star. He's also probably the only first grader that finished the year without losing any teeth. He is the youngest in his grade, but Matt and I are a little shocked that he has all his baby teeth still.

Carter finished his first year of preschool! I had the privilege of teaching these 6 fun kids for the last year.

 Carter, Bryson and I enjoyed a splash pad during Caleb's last week of school. Bryson wasn't the biggest fan.

Carter had a blast. He is such a ham!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Best Day Ever

Caleb has been counting down to today for the last few days. "Only two more days till THE day." Today was the day of his piano recital. He knew that some awards would be given out, and he was anxious to see if he would receive any of them.

Before the recital, we started out the day with a neighborhood carnival. Caleb tried rock climbing for the first time.

He got about two lengths of his body before he was all done. Poor Carter, who is my adventurous one, was so sad that he wasn't tall enough to do it.

Pony ride

Finally at 1pm it was recital time. Memorizing the first piece, Tarantella, came really easy. It took some work to memorize the Harry Potter song, and he didn't want to do it. I was so proud that he finally decided to try, only because Matt said, "I bet you can't do it."

Then it was award time. Each of the 13 students got an award that shared a special trait about them. Caleb's award was a perfectionist award because he comes to each lesson with his songs learned well with attention to details like dynamics.

Following that, his teacher gave an award and money to the best beginning student, intermediate student, and advanced student. Caleb was given the award for the best intermediate student. He was so happy! She also gave an award for the student that practiced the most and the most consistently. Caleb practices 30 minutes a day, 6 times a week. (I let him choose a day to have a break.) Some days it's a little more and some a little less. We were surprised that Caleb won this award and money as well!

Finally she gave an award for the best student over all. She had a rubric of criteria that she graded by (flashcards, sight-reading skills, practice time, repertoire, etc.) Caleb also won this award! Honestly by this point I was a little embarrassed that Caleb won so many of the awards (and money!), but at the same time I was so proud of him. He has worked very hard and been very self-motivated to succeed.

Here he is later today with his awards.

And we ended the day with a soccer game. This is Caleb's sport of choice, and he gives it his all each week. The skill he seems to have over the other players and opponents is that he never gives up. He constantly runs after the ball even if he's tired. He's aggressive, always in the action. He's also very careful to watch his opponents on defense and careful with his aim when he shoots for a goal. This season so far he has scored 3 goals each game he's played, which is the most amount of goals one player can score. They won today 6-1. (The one goal the other team scored was while Caleb was playing goalie, so that's definitely a position to work on. He hates playing goalie because he'd rather be out there running on the field!)

At the end of the day, I asked Caleb if the day had lived up to his hopes and dreams. He told me that it was the best day ever! I love this kid so much!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

18 months

18 month stats
Weight: 23 lb 3 oz, 36th percentile
Height: 32.25", 43rd percentile

I had a few concerns about Bryson for this check-up. His soft spot has not gone away, which is supposed to go away by 18 months, and he has grown an extra front tooth! (The dentist confirmed it was an extra tooth but would not do an x-ray due to his age.) Both of these are signs of the disease Matt was born with, cleidocranial dysostosis along with the bulging of the forehead. Bryson has this as well and has had an off-the-charts large head since he was born. His head measurement has continued to follow the growth curve though so it hasn't been a major concern. Cleidocranial dysostosis has been passed down through Matt's family, but only through the females. So some of these tendencies in Bryson that lean towards the disease are definitely a surprise because it doesn't fit the family pattern. His physical and mental development are coming along just fine. He's slightly under normal in terms of how many words he can say, so I'll continue to watch this and encourage words. If he does have the disease, it is a much milder case than Matt had and worst-case scenario will result in any extra teeth being pulled. 

Besides these health concerns, he is such a fun boy. The older boys love playing with him and laughing about the cute things he does. Bryson has proven to be very stubborn in his eating. He's refused to try bread, but just a week ago tried a homemade roll and liked it! He ate leftover rolls for the next few days, but today when I gave him a roll with his dinner, he refused to eat it again. Moody and stubborn! He's started to throw some tantrums too when he doesn't get his way about something he wants.

He is most definitely a momma's boy. When Matt gets home from work, he'll run over and give him a hug and kiss, then wants nothing to do with him the rest of the night! It proves to be quite funny sometimes with his refusal to go near Matt!

Bryson currently loves to look out the window for lizards which conveniently hang out on one window screen in particular. That window happens to be in the piano room which works out nicely when I need Bryson distracted so I can work with Caleb for his piano practices. 

He went through a phase where he would not lay down for me to put his diaper on each changing. It got to the point where I was tired of the fight so I became very adept at putting on diapers while he stood up. Just within the last week, I can spread out the diaper, pat it, and he'll come running over and put his head down in the diaper. We're starting to practice sitting on the potty before bath time every night. He loves his bath time!

18 months is an age I look forward to with each of my children so they can start going to nursery at church! Actually due to callings that have kept me busy during 2nd and 3rd hour both with Carter and Bryson, it's Matt that looks forward to it more than me since he's been on baby duty. Bryson did great his first week.

Words he can say: hot, hi, and dogga. He also has specific sounds that he makes for things like airplanes and lizard.

Playing at the park

He's growing up so fast!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

May Beginnings

Every year we enjoy going to a neighborhood festival to raise money for underprivileged children.

Carter on a camel ride

Caleb participated in a hula hoop contest at the festival for 8-year-olds and younger. I didn't realize he was so good! They must work on it a lot in P.E. It got down to three children left that were going strong, so the judge made them start walking while hula hooping. He ended up in 2nd place.

My newest nephew, Talmage. We were so excited to finally meet him!

Caleb participated in the 1st grade play at school. He had a one-line part as a mosquito.