My Boys

My Boys

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas 2016

Pictures with Santa this Christmas Season

Neighborhood party

Ward Christmas party

Christmas Eve
 Christmas Eve wasn't the same without my parents, but it was so fun to have all my siblings together.
Christmas songs with handbells

Waiting to act out the nativity story

Angel visiting Mary

Angel visiting Joseph

Wise men visiting King Herod

Group picture

Kids white elephant game

A favorite dice game

Adult white elephant game--I came home with a squatty potty!

Christmas morning
Opening stockings around 7am

Austin's {one and only} present

 One of Carter's presents

Bryson's presents

Caleb's presents

Carter's presents

We spent the morning eating scones and playing new games.

We got together later that afternoon with my family. It was completely unplanned, but all 3 of us sisters wore the same shirt to church with a red scarf! My mom bought each of us one a few years ago.

We met up with Matt's family a few days after Christmas and had a nice visit.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Bryson's 4th Birthday

According to Bryson, he had 3 birthdays: his church birthday, preschool birthday and his special birthday. He asked me for probably 2 months straight at the beginning of the year every Sunday when someone came up to be sung to in Primary for their birthday, "When is it going to be my turn?!?" October 30th was finally his turn! He relished in going up to the front and everyone singing to him.

His preschool birthday
He shared some chocolate frosted donuts with sprinkles with his classmates

Opening presents on his "special" birthday

He requested a dinosaur cake again this year. I probably should have done something different from the exact same cake as last year, but creativity is not my strong suit. I should have left it up to Matt who is the creative one in our family. Bryson enjoyed making it with me though!

He enjoyed a FaceTime with Grandma and Grandpa on his birthday and going out for an ice cream cone with Pawpaw a few days after his birthday.

We find Bryson hilarious, but we have a hard time explaining it to other people. I'm sure a lot of it is his age and gaining an understanding of the world, but he cracks us up all the time.

He is still figuring out the concept of time. He likes to say, "We went to Disney World last week right?" Everything is "last week."

"Like duh" and "I told you so" are his favorite phrases.

A few weeks ago, Bryson took a sucker without asking and knowing we would have said no. Matt asked him, "Bryson, did you eat a sucker?" Bryson responded, "What's the right answer? Yes or no?"

Yesterday I freaked out because I was driving and all of a sudden I saw a lizard in my car on the passenger dashboard. After safely pulling over, I opened the window and Bryson helped shoo him out. We took off again and I expressed that I wasn't sure the lizard lived if he was still hanging onto my car. Bryson told me, "You squished the lizard with your tire. Heavenly Father is so mad at you!"

Bryson and Matt have a cute relationship. Every morning before Matt leaves for work, they tease back and forth where Matt says, "I love you." Bryson will respond, "I don't love you" in a singsongy voice and Matt will say, "You better say 'I love you' or I'm going to tickle you" etc. Or they'll go back and forth saying, "I love you more" over and over again. The other morning Matt said, "I love you more." Bryson responded, "I love you the most and stop talking about it!"

We need to catch it on video, but Bryson loves singing "One Call Away" by Charlie Puth. It's so cute.

I still need to schedule his 4yo wellness visit--our pediatrician that I have used for all my boys and the last 9 years just dropped our insurance. :-/ I haven't gotten around to finding a new one yet.

Family Camping Trip

Every time we go camping with a baby, we regret it. I'm not sure why we keep doing it. Matt suggested I stay home with the baby this time, but I didn't want to be a party pooper. So we went on a campout last weekend with other ward members. The weather was great!

Caleb and Carter checking out the tent after Caleb and Daddy set it up

Bryson helping Daddy cook


Caleb goofing off with friends

Enjoying the freedom

Carter, my tree climber

Playing at a nearby park

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

One Year Old!

Austin loves to help me empty the dishwasher if it is ever left open. Sometimes I just let him go at it while I'm trying to make dinner because it distracts him for some time. Otherwise he is whining at my feet holding onto my legs.

 11 months old

Sharing an ice cream cone with Mommy 
(wearing my painting clothes as I painted the game room during his nap)

At 11 months, Austin LOVED to point at any and everything

He learned how to climb up the stairs, and actually figured out climbing down the stairs without much guidance or practice like I did with my other boys. 
Except for Caleb, we've been lazy about a baby gate and just watch him closely. He has had one tumble down 7 or so stairs. :(

Celebrating his birthday with cousins

Singing "Happy Birthday"

Rainbow cupcakes

One year stats
Weight: 21 lb 3oz (48th percentile)
Height: 28" (2nd percentile)
Head Circumference: 49.5 cm (off the charts on the high end)

The pediatrician was concerned about his height, which keeps falling. She ordered a test for celiac disease and thyroid. The shots are hard enough without adding blood tests. I had to hold him down while two nurses worked on taking blood from one arm. Austin screamed bloody murder the whole time. At one point he jerked, ripping the needle out, and they had to continue on the other arm. Nothing is as painful as watching your child in pain and wanting to take it away from them...
The tests came back normal. I'm not thrilled that he will likely be quite short, but I'm glad that he is healthy. 

[This experience was deja vu from his 9 month appt. where she was concerned about his weight and ordered blood tests to check out a few things. (Can't remember!) I panicked over my milk supply, but in the end felt okay about focusing on increasing his solid food. His weight was right back where it needed to be at this appointment.]

Austin refuses to take a 2nd nap most days and thus goes to bed around 6pm. He does take a good morning nap for 2 hours, which is helpful during preschool. I still don't feel like he gets the amount of sleep he should.

Since I am almost a month past his 1st birthday, here are some more updates:

Since Disney World, he tends to wake up once a night. Ugh! We give him a sip of milk or water and put him back to bed. I've left a sippy cup of water in his crib at night, but he hasn't found it by himself yet. 

A week ago I cut out the nighttime nursing, so we are down to once a day in the morning. I'll wean him completely soon. Mixed feelings about it. This recent change may play into his nighttime waking.

He can take about 5 steps independently before he squats down and crawls. He's close to being a full-time walker!

Austin loves to play outside. He loves the swing and climbing up slides and loves me to hold him while jumping on the trampoline.

He is a big stinker about eating regular foods. My other boys all loved peas, green beans, and corn. I can't get Austin to eat vegetables! So I feel stuck that I have to continue to feed him pureed veggies. His favorite foods are chicken nuggets and peanut butter sandwiches. (He loves peanut butter!) He also loves pancakes/waffles or scrambled eggs for breakfast. Unless it's some sort of pasta, he refuses to eat what I make for dinner as well. Grrr.

Austin has also started mimicking sounds. Recently, if we ever tell him "no," he will put his head down and start crying. It's pretty cute. :)

Friday, September 30, 2016

Disney World: Day 5

Magic Kingdom

When we initially planned our trip, we planned to do one of the water parks on our 5th and last day in Disney World. However, we were on a time schedule in order to be home in time for my niece, Samantha's baptism. We decided that we could only put in a half day at one of the parks, and in the end decided on Magic Kingdom. Matt actually stayed home and packed up everything with the baby, and I took the 3 older boys. It was a huge sacrifice on his part, though Bryson did have a major meltdown at one point that made me wonder if I would have rather switched places with Matt. (No, I know I got the better end of that deal.)

Bus ride

Bryson on the carousel, refusing to smile at me

Splash Mountain

Bryson's favorite ride that he wanted to do again and again.

In front of Splash Mountain

Pirates of the Caribbean ride

A kid's ride that I like a lot is Peter Pan. We have previously always used a fast pass for it, but we waited the 15 minutes in line on this last day. I'm so glad we did! Using a fast pass skips past all the details of the Darling house, and there are some really cool features! I was impressed by the rooms and attention to detail and loved the shadow bells and butterflies. (The shadow bells ring when you touch them with your shadow and the shadow butterflies land on your shadow hand if you hold it still.) Winnie the Pooh is another fun wait line with several activities for the kids to do as you wait.

The drive home was better than the drive up simply because we decided to push through and not stop. The baby still would only sleep in 30 minute intervals and then wake up and fuss--just not happy in his car seat no matter what because he hated being strapped in. We left our Disney resort at 12:30 pm and got home just after 2:30 am with only 2 stops. We made it home on fumes because Matt didn't want to stop and get gas and wake everyone up. I was able to doze some, but it wasn't worth it with the baby waking up so frequently. We were tired the next day, but we survived!

Fun trip, fun memories!!