My Boys

My Boys

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Matt and the boys treated me well for Mother's Day. I was able to sleep in until 7:30, then woke up with a start realizing that I was playing the organ at church that day! I had completely forgotten! I quickly looked up my songs, ran over to church to play through them, and came home to a warm omelet and this lovely card from my boys. This is my kind of card!

Later we got together with Ariane's family and my parents to celebrate our mom with dinner and dessert.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Pregnancy Update

I'm just over 23 weeks now and thought I'd post about my pregnancy this 4th time around since I'm about halfway. My due date is Sept. 2nd--the cut off for schools here is Sept. 1st, so it will be interesting to see when I actually deliver. The pregnancy is going well so far. The first trimester I felt nauseous almost every night at 10pm, so I would usually head to bed and sleep that off. Once the second trimester began, the nausea went away. I had a scare about being exposed to fifths disease but found out I was immune to it.

We found out on April 21st that we're having our 4th boy! I completely expected it. With baby #3, I was positive it was a girl and then felt disappointed to learn it was a boy. Maybe because I didn't want to feel that disappointment again, I have felt this was a boy from the beginning. I even had a dream that I delivered a boy a week before the gender ultrasound appointment. The only one that was really disappointed about the gender was Carter who thought it just made sense that we should have a girl since we have enough boys. Carter and Bryson are obsessed with babies and have been for the last year, so it will be fun to have another baby in the house again.

One thing I don't like to give up even though I'm pregnant is my running. I'm still running 16 miles a week--3 miles 3 times a week and 7 miles on Saturday. It helps keep my weight-gain in check; I also think it helps with my pregnancy, labor, and delivery. I've received comments each pregnancy about how I carry small or people are surprised I'm as far along as I am. I think my running has something to do with this as well. My times have gone from 8 - 8:15 pace miles on my long runs to a 9:30 pace. It's frustrating to lose all I've gained in my speed and then to start from square one after I deliver. Obviously a new little baby is worth it!

The hardest part about pregnancies for me is the weight gain. Some women can pull off pregnancy still looking stylish and cute--I don't feel like I fit into that category, and I hate the way I feel about myself as I put on weight. So I doubt I'll take more pictures after this one! :) My current weight gain is 14 pounds--my goal is to gain 25 pounds, which I'm not on track to do. I enjoy eating too much!

22 weeks

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Rockets Game

Family night at a Rockets game!

By the end of the night it was clear that I should have stayed home with Bryson. It was just too long of a night for him!

Saturday, April 11, 2015


Bryson's sweet dance moves. And a little singing in the background by Caleb and Matt.


Bryson begs for this song, "Sugar" and "Let it Go" all the time.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Birthday Week!

Carter and I had a birthday on March 30th. We celebrated with my family the weekend before. Carter and I were discussing what kind of cake to make him this year. He wanted a Spider Man cake. I suggested that maybe we should come up with a cake together since it was both of our birthdays. We compromised with this:
 A cheesecake with a spider web on top. Okay, so it favored my preferences, but Carter was still happy. And the no-bake cheesecake was delish! (Whipping cream and cream cheese--you can't go wrong)

Blowing out his 5 candles

On Monday, Carter's day started out by opening one present in the morning so he could use it on the way to drop Caleb off at school. He was so excited about his new helmet!
 I also made his breakfast-of-choice of waffles and his favorite lunch, a BLT.

We let Carter choose between a birthday party and Chuck E. Cheese. He picked the latter, and we went that night. My parents joined us.

Bryson had a fun time on all the rides.

Caleb was all about earning the most tickets.

Carter's focus was enjoying the experience.

Opening presents:
A book and movie from my mom
Besides the helmet, we gave him a new soccer ball (starting soccer league), bullets for his nerf gun, and some candy.

Enjoying cake (leftover from my dad's retirement party*--I didn't make another one)

I took a picture of both of us the day after our birthday when I wasn't wearing any make-up. Should have done it the day before.

I had many phone calls, texts and Facebook messages on my birthday, which made me feel special. My Visiting Teacher brought over some beautiful tulips and my favorite candy bar (Symphony toffee and almonds). She had no idea it was my favorite. The focus was on Carter though. I'm excited about my birthday present from my parents--Matt and I will go see the broadway musical Cinderella. Matt bought me a new ipod as there were several issues with my old one--I use it almost daily when I run, and so it was so annoying that it hadn't worked as well for the last 6 months.

Matt's birthday was on April 2nd. He took the day off work so that he could do one of my birthday presents I asked for--go to the dentist! His orthodontia work was on hold because he had a cavity that needed to be filled. This is Matt's first cavity (33 years old), and it wasn't completely his fault (orthodontist didn't put a bracket on tight enough which led to the cavity). All I asked for my birthday was for him to get the dentist visit done so he could continue with his orthodontia work, which will in turn lead to him getting his braces off! He sacrificed and did it on his birthday--not the most exciting thing to get a cavity on your birthday!

I made one of his favorite cookies (snickerdoodles) and one of his favorite dinners (beef stroganoff). He wanted a nice Nerf gun for his birthday, so he picked out which one he wanted. He wants to host a Nerf gun war at our house and invite people over. He is still a kid!

Another year older, and wiser too!

*My dad retired! Now my parents are looking forward to leaving on a mission at the end of this year.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015

After Saturday's morning session of General Conference, we dyed eggs as a family.

Sunday evening we got together with Ariane and Zane's family for Easter dinner and a hunt.

Bryson and Lili

We hid a few eggs with dollar bills this year, and Carter found both of them!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring Break 2015

Our Stay-Vacation week:

Monday we went to the park with some friends--played football, frisbee, and baseball then rode the trolley.

Tuesday, in honor of St. Patrick's Day, the day started with some green pancakes

Then we decided last-minute to go to the zoo with cousins. Our plan was to go to the zoo on Wednesday, but the forecast looked like rain Wednesday through Friday. So we adjusted, but just made the adjustment a little late in the morning. Because everyone on Spring Break in this area seemed to make that same decision, parking was impossible and it was a big hassle to actually get to the zoo. It was crowded, but we had fun while we were there.

Wednesday we went to see Cinderella. The boys actually loved it, as did I. Bryson was entertained by the animals in the movie.

Matt was out of town for a business trip to New York Monday and Tuesday. We were so excited to have him back. To celebrate, we went to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory that night. 

I am notorious for choosing the wrong dishes at restaurants, but have particular bad luck at this one.  4th time there, 4th time to pick something I didn't like. (Once I find a dish that I love at a restaurant, it's rare that I'll branch out and try something new.)

After dinner we walked around and shot a few pictures.

Thursday we had plans that didn't come to fruition because I woke up at 6am to go running, and ended up not able to leave the toilet. I think it was food poisoning from the food the night before--either that or I got a stomach bug again. Regardless, I cursed The Cheesecake Factory and swore never to eat there again. I spent the day by the toilet if I wasn't lying down. It's hard to take care of kids in that kind of condition, so it was a rough day and the kids watched a lot of TV :(.

Friday morning, fortunately, I had a little appetite and was feeling better. Matt took the day off work so we could go to the rodeo together as a family.

We signed Carter up for mutton busting first thing. He ended up getting nervous and tried to back out while signing up, which surprised me and Matt because he's our brave one. After watching another kid do it, Carter decided to go through with it.

We're, of course, prejudiced, but we thought Carter had one of the best rides in his group. He rode all the way to the other side, got slammed against the wall (not hard), and still didn't let go! The clowns had to pull him off. He did awesome! He got a participation ribbon, but didn't win.

Caleb was past the age limit (6), but was still in the weight limit so they let him ride. (We told him this is one time when it pays to be small!) Caleb did really well and rode all the way to the end hanging on as long as possible. He didn't win in his group of 30 either.

Ribbon presentation at the end

The boys got a snow cone and shared a funnel cake. Bryson's mouth is red from the snow cone. While finishing off the funnel cake, the wind blew and knocked the plate of powdered sugar all over him. He kept saying, "Mess Mommy." He kind of looks like a vampire in this picture.

The kids rode a few rides and played a few games with the carnival passes we bought.
Carter on the ferris wheel

Bryson holding his fish that Daddy won and sticking his tongue out--a common thing for him when he's feeling shy or embarrassed.

Petting zoo

We stayed for most of the rodeo and shot a family photo on the way out. With our action seats, we got free food--mostly junk food. Matt let the boys eat way more junk than I would have, and we paid for it later. We were all tuckered out after an 8 hour day! Bryson did surprisingly well.

On the way home, Carter said his tummy hurt and that he thought he would throw up. I tossed him a box, which he immediately threw up in. Fortunately, it all made it into the box. Later that night, Caleb woke up and threw up in the sink.

This is a rarity, but Matt had to head into work for a few hours Saturday morning. I decided to try a new play dough recipe (corn starch and conditioner) for the boys to play with while I went to clean bathrooms in the house. I asked them to please contain the mess to the table. After finishing up the first bathroom, I checked on them and saw that the play dough was drying up a little due to the corn starch. They were still having fun. After the second bathroom, I came back and checked on them and Bryson was throwing play dough pieces in all directions. The other boys were just laughing hysterically. I took a picture to text Matt, then asked myself why I even bother to clean. More messes ensue whenever I try. :)

We're definitely sad that Spring Break is over!! It was nice to have a relaxing, laid-back week.