My Boys

My Boys

Sunday, June 10, 2018

2018 Family Pictures

This little boy picked up potty-training like a pro! I waited until preschool was over to really tackle the job, and 5 days after starting, he was wearing underwear out on errands. Easiest of all my boys to potty-train. (I should have done it earlier!!) 

Guild 2018

Caleb participated in guild again this year where he played 10 memorized pieces and their scales in front of a judge. The judge marks C's for areas that are commendable and A's for "areas needing attention." This year, Caleb was feeling a bit overwhelmed for guild due to baseball...he played the championship game the night before guild and went to bed after 10pm due to the long game. As he practiced through everything that morning, he was making mistakes and feeling especially nervous. We were able to have a good talk and prayer together as I encouraged him to do his best and that the results didn't matter.

He performed really well on all his pieces and was able to keep his nerves under control. The judge wrote things like "young artist award," "top talent," fabulous Clementi!" etc. He earned 39 C's and no A's this year, which is an improvement from last year (36 C's and 1 A). His final piece was actually ear training where he had to be able to name all the major intervals the judge played as well as the minor 3rd and 6th intervals and identify major/minor/diminished chords. Great experience and his hard work paid off!

Spring 2018 Baseball Season

Both my older boys had a great season of baseball!

Caleb's team, the Marlins, won the family fun day tournament where they played short 30 minutes games throughout the day. We were not prepared for how COLD it would be that day--drizzly, no sun, started in the low 50s and got colder throughout the day--and I didn't send my boys off with jackets or blankets!
Matt was an assistant coach for Caleb's team.

Both Caleb and Carter made the All Star team for their ages, and the final game was yesterday so our baseball season was especially long. We are looking forward to the freedom and laziness of summer!

Caleb's All Star team as district champions!

The coach gave out a total of 4 game balls for outstanding playing, and Caleb earned 2 of those balls! He played some incredible defense in all the games--diving catches, and batted really well in the first 2 games.

Carter about to make a hit

Carter's All Star team also won the district championship for his age level! It was especially meaningful for him because his regular season team never won a game all season long, so it was nice to be part of the All Star team and win some games!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

End of the School Year

We survived another year of school! Both Caleb and Carter got all As all year and all Es (excellent) on behavior. Carter also got perfect attendance for the year. At Caleb's school, one boy and girl in each class is selected for the citizenship award--all around model student, and Caleb was selected for his class.

Carter and Mrs. Shepherd, his 2nd grade homeroom teacher that Caleb happened to have as well. She taught Math, Science, and Social Studies. Carter's Language Arts teacher was Mrs. Carter. 

Caleb's teachers were Mrs. Goady (Science/Social Studies), Miss Davis (Language Arts), and Mrs. Wofford (Advanced Math). 

Another round of preschool is over too! I've enjoyed teaching Bryson the last 2 years; the kids in his class were a lot of fun! I really worked on amping up my science and music curriculum this last year, and it was neat to see their progress in all learning areas. Now I have a year break before I start up with 2 years of teaching Austin!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Mission Homecoming

We are SO excited to have my parents back from their mission! We have missed them tremendously but are grateful for the experience they had and that they were able to make an impact on the young single adults in Denmark.

They had a shocking welcome with the AC in their house going out soon after they got home as well as all the work that needed to be done to get back to living in their house after renters.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Carter's Baptism

Carter chose to be baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on April 14, 2018. 

This is the picture we used for his baptism invitations.
Such a handsome boy.

He and his friend Kate were baptized on the same day.

In trying to correct a mistake we made at Caleb's baptism, we made sure to take a lot of pictures! We should have changed up the scenery though...

Matt's dad said the opening prayer and Caleb played the opening song, "If the Savior Stood Beside Me." Kate's father gave a talk on baptism and then Jared and Ariane played a piano duet, "The Spirit of God." Matt baptized Carter and Jared and Zane stood as witnesses. Drew gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and Matt confirmed Carter a member of the church and Carter received the gift of the Holy Ghost. Jared played the closing song, "Baptism" and Kate's grandma said the closing prayer. We had some cookies and fruit for refreshments.

After the baptism, we ended up having my family over for games and pizza since Carter's baseball game was cancelled due to weather.

I hope that it was a memorable day for Carter. He is such a sweet boy. We are proud of the decision he made and hope he continues to follow the example of Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Carter's 8th Birthday

Carter's and my birthday landed on Good Friday this year so he had the day off of school! Carter requested playing at the creek with friends and cousins. It was cooler weather, and the creek was higher due to hevy rain a few days earlier, but everyone still had a good time. After the creek, I took Carter to a birthday lunch at Chick Fil A. We went to a musical play that night that my friend put together and that my nieces were performing in. Then I got some girl time when some friends took me out to ice cream later that night.

We celebrated Matt's birthday on April 2nd by trying out Grimaldi's Pizza and then heading to Culver's for some ice cream sundaes. After an FHE in the car and quickly putting the kids to bed, Matt and I finished the night with some tennis.