My Boys

My Boys

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Baseball Season

Caleb had an undefeated baseball season. It's been so fun! Unfortunately during play-offs, his team struggled a bit and they didn't pull out the win. Some of Caleb's highlights in the season (youngest on his team):
1) 3 bunts (one of the few kids that actually did it successfully out of the entire league), one bunt was an in-the-park home run due to an overthrow at first base
2) He had 6 hits to the outfield--he played at the top of the line-up all season due to his consistency and had the 2nd highest batting average on his team
3) Outfield play--played shortstop and right field throughout the season. He had 4 fly ball catches, an outfield assist, and threw several competitors out at 1st and 2nd base. He had the highest field percentage on his team.
4) He earned two game balls for two great games that he had

One thing that was neat to watch throughout the season was the improvement in pitching among all the teams. Caleb decided that he wanted to work on his pitching so that he could maybe pitch next year. (Most all the pitchers were the oldest in their age group--eleven-year-olds.) He can do it pretty well but hasn't pitched in a game with the added pressure.

 We loved going to his games so we're so bummed that the season is over.


 The boys went to a baseball game with their dad and went early with some high hopes to get some signatures.
Coach Munoz signed Carter's ball

Luis Valbuena signed Caleb's

This boy lost his first tooth!

We also have a new baby girl cousin, Novalee, born on May 9. My brother, Clayton, now has 3 girls.

Baby Austin Update

Destined to be pals

On the days that Austin doesn't nap well, we go out for a walk to pass the time. 
[Side note: I didn't do a pacifier for Carter and Bryson because it was so hard to break Caleb from it. I'm kind of wondering how we did it though...? The pacifier comes in very handy and helps with his sleeping for sure! it's also nice to "plug him up" when he's too vocal in settings where it's quiet (i.e. church).]

Bryson dressed up as Batman to go for our walk.

Austin is a terrific eater and doesn't really protest whatever foods I feed him. (Hence the chubbiness) The one food he seems to dislike is green beans.

He's a great jumper in his "Jumperoo"

Austin is consistently sleeping in until about 7am each day now. He did it for the first time on Mother's Day, which was a very nice gift. It's rare that he wakes up in the middle of the night now, so I feel like a sane person!

Austin has started this little goat laugh which is quite entertaining.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Carter's 6th Birthday

This little boy turned 6! He counted down to his birthday and couldn't wait.

Showing off some presents--new movie, gum, new helmet (2 other kids borrowed and broke his other one :-/), chalk, new shoes.

We've never thrown Carter a party for his birthday. That was his request this year. He wanted a volcano cake, so we decided on a dinosaur theme.

Baking soda dinosaur eggs for the kids to crack open and spray with vinegar

Matt's the designer of this volcano cake

Dinosaur jello



Scared Carter

A few relay games we did outside
(I've never posted about our new basketball court! We put it in at the beginning of March. With 4 boys--5 counting Matt, we knew it would be put to good use. Caleb is out there all. the. time.)

Pizza, jello, and apples

Opening some presents

Dry ice in the cake made it super cool and exciting

Paleontologists cracking open dinosaur eggs

The kids also did a scavenger hunt at the end with dinosaur footprints in order to find their goody bags to take home. 
Carter had an exciting birthday!

My birthday was low-key this year, which I was fine with. The most excitement from my day came from trying to do a nice thing for Carter to eat lunch with him at school on our shared day and bring cookies for him to pass out to his class. They have to be store-bought per school policy, and it turned out there were just enough cookies for his class and not an extra one for Bryson. Things quickly escalated to the hugest meltdown Bryson has ever had in public and one of my most embarrassing moments! It's impossible to pick up a screaming and kicking toddler when you're also trying to hold and manage a baby. :-/

Matt's birthday is today!!  34 looks good on you Sweetie!

Easter 2016

Dying Easter eggs

Carter's eggs

We hosted Easter dinner this year. My parents were visiting my little sister who had just had a baby. After a yummy dinner, we went outside to do an egg hunt. We let the littlest kids go first followed by the eldest kids.

Bryson won the prize for gathering the most eggs! It was all strictly business to him whereas the other kids his age that got a head start only looked for a certain color or opened and ate while they hunted. Matt had to grab him another bag for his mission. Bryson only cared about winning, however, and was very happy to share once it was over.

Baby Austin was there too!


Since we missed camping with my family over Spring Break, we went over Good Friday.

Roasting marshmallows

We survived the night, but it wasn't pleasant. My warm-blooded husband who never gets cold brought ONE blanket for the two of us to share for the night. It got down to 43 and our tent had windows without covers to zip over them. I FROZE all night long! Caleb and Carter had warm sleeping bags and did just fine. I had brought warm bedding for the baby and Bryson. Lesson learned for next time my husband says he has our bedding covered = grab a few extra blankets.

We camped near a railroad track and who would have guessed that 9 trains go by in the night tooting their horns? Between the trains and the cold, I got very little sleep. Why do we go camping again? It's so much work and the lack of sleep hardly makes it worth it, except for the memories for the kids. :)

Breakfast the next morning: Matt made hash browns, eggs, and sausage.

Kara and Clayton also made pancakes

Bryson refusing to give me a smile

We also did some fishing and Ellery caught her first fish!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Break 2016

Our big plan for the week was camping Thursday, Friday, and Saturday though we were concerned that the weather forecasted rain.

Monday: We went to my sister's house for a birthday lunch and dessert. It happened to be pi day, so our favorite peanut butter pie was appropriate.

Tuesday: I was asked to play the piano at a baptism. I may or may not have bribed my boys with ice cream if they would be on their best behavior since I was going to be on my own with 3 kids and a baby. (The main struggle is Carter and Bryson fighting over silly things.)

Then we went to the temple as part of a Duty to God requirement for Cub Scouts.

Wednesday: My attempt at being "fun" that day was a Redbox movie (Hotel Transylvania 2) and a Sonic ice cream

**After watching the weather all week and seeing a 60-80% chance of rain Thursday night and Friday day, we decided to cancel camping. Carter especially was very upset.

Thursday: We went to the library and rode the trolley, then got together that night for hamburgers and hot dogs with my family.

St. Patrick's day!
We all wore lots of green and had a green banana/peanut butter smoothie for breakfast.

Friday we had some friends over to play in the morning. As a way to make up for not going camping, we promised the older boys we would take them to an America Ninja Warrior gym. All the younger cousins got together to dye Easter eggs...

While older cousins had a blast doing this...

Caleb made it up the [kid] warped wall and paused to flex his muscles!

Taking pictures with some warriors who have actually been on the show!

Because it did not rain at all that weekend, Matt decided to take the 3 older boys on an impromptu camping trip at a friend's property in the area. They roasted marshmallows and had the experience they wanted!

Saturday: Neighborhood Easter egg hunt and seeing the movie Zootopia. (I stayed home with the baby.)

I think the boys enjoyed their week off of school!