My Boys

My Boys

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Month 3: Staying Calm

Month 3 of my year-long happiness project was very enlightening.  I focused on staying calm all month whenever I felt my temper flaring, and what I learned was just how often I let myself get angry, often over little things.  The very first day of the month, I lost my temper and yelled about something Carter did and then thought to myself that it was going to be a long month if I already failed on day 1!  But each day got easier and easier the more I focused on it and prayed for help.  Reflecting on the month, I realize I rarely raise my voice now; let's hope this new habit is here to stay!  As I knew it would, the whole atmosphere in the home changed as I changed my attitude and perspective.  I still made mistakes throughout the month, but each day it was worth the effort as it truly did make me happier (and the rest of my family!).

I originally set the goal because Carter could be too rough with the baby and my Mama Bear side came out in order to protect my baby.  Looking back over the month of December, Carter made some huge strides as well and is now very careful around Bryson.

The religious book I read this month was a Christmas one called the 13th Day of Christmas.  The overall message of the book was an important reminder for Christmas.  Sometimes we focus on Christ leading up to Christmas and on Christmas day, but this book was a reminder that we need to have faith and remember Christ the day after Christmas and throughout the rest of the year.

I got back into indexing this month and completed my goal of 200 names.

For Christmas, I got 4 new piano books from my mom that I'm super excited about.  This next month's main goal is going to be setting aside an hour a day to practice the piano and learn several new songs.  I realize that the hour most likely won't be in one sitting and that some days I won't quite make it.  So far I've really enjoyed this goal of improving on one of my talents for the month of January.


Ariane said...

I love goals. Zane and I are inspired by you and decided to do our own happiness project. Do you own the book? When do you practice???

Karen said...

I am so impressed with these goals you're working on with a newborn!! You are a wonderful example. I need to work on staying calm. I could probably make that my entire New Year's Resolution and have LOTS of work to do!:)