My Boys

My Boys

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bryson at 4 months

Bryson gets so many compliments on his smiles and happy temperament.  He is generally a pretty calm baby and only gets extremely fussy when he's overly tired.  I've gotten a handful of comments that he is the spitting image of Matt and several that say he favors Matt more than me.  I think he just looks like my other boys. :o)

Bryson doesn't take a pacifier very well, which is fine by me.  Carter didn't use a pacifier at all--in some ways it made things more difficult, but I was so grateful that I didn't have to break him of it!  That was so hard for Caleb!  Bryson seems to like to have a pacifier initially when he's going to sleep, but doesn't like it other than that.  Recently he's discovered his fist and his thumb!

At his 4 month doctor's appointment, Bryson weighed 15 lb. 4 oz. which is average (52nd percentile).  [Carter weighed 18 lb. at 4 months!]  Bryson was 25 in. (60th percentile) and his head count was in the 90th percentile.  The pediatrician was concerned about his large head and wants him to come back in a month to remeasure.  They have to watch for swelling of the brain, brain trauma, etc.  He's never hit his head hard, and he's reaching all the appropriate milestones so I'm not concerned.  Ironically enough, Bryson has gotten a handful of compliments on his well-shaped head!

At his appointment, we got permission to start training the little guy to eat.  Here is Bryson's first time eating rice cereal:

He ate the first couple of bites really well, then decided this eating thing was no fun.

Bryson is capable of sleeping through the night because he's done it several times, but I would say about 70% of the time he's still getting up once a night (usually around 3:30-4:30am).  I think it has to do with how well he eats that last feeding of the night.  Sometimes he's so sleepy that I don't think he eats very well.  Hopefully rice cereal will fill up his tummy better to help him make it through the night on a consistent basis.

Overall the boys are enamored with Bryson.  Caleb loves to greet Bryson first thing when he gets home from school.  Carter loves to hold Bryson but has difficulty understanding personal space.  He likes to get right up into Bryson's face and talk loudly to him.  They both can't wait for Bryson to be able to sit up and join them in the bathtub!  And I'm enjoying being a mommy to these three boys!

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