My Boys

My Boys

Sunday, November 11, 2012

My boys

Just some pictures...

These two things greeted me when I came home from the hospital.

 Bryson sleeping in the cradle that my grandpa made for my mom, and she passed it down for Ariane and I to use.

Close-up of that sweet face

The boys love to hold Bryson and have their picture taken.
Due to Carter's "roughness," he doesn't get to hold the baby very often.

Sometimes when I take pictures of my newborn babies, they look more alien than baby.  Such is the case for this picture, but it was a cute one of Caleb.

Caleb holding Bryson's head straight

 Bryson admiring his big brothers

Big brothers admiring Bryson

Things are going pretty well.  The lack of sleep is always difficult.  I wish I had the talent of falling asleep quickly after nursing.  But after changing a diaper and nursing, my brain is stimulated enough that it takes me about 30 minutes to fall back asleep.  Having two older children who wake up on occasion in the middle of the night or who wake up at an earlier time after I've just fallen back asleep from nursing Bryson sure adds a lot of frustration to sleeping!  We're adjusting well, and I have the energy to be a mom and keep up with the laundry for the most part! :o)


Ticia said...

The last two are just precious! And personally I think newborns always look just a little alien. :)

Karen said...

I love the pictures of Carter with his arm around Caleb.

Jared and Kari said...

SO cute!!!