My Boys

My Boys

Thursday, December 27, 2012

December Fun

 The boys got to play in snow this year!  Notice Caleb's attire: shorts, short sleeves.  I believe it was in the upper 70s this day.  This year, Matt's work did a lunch Christmas party and brought in snow and other fun things for the kids to do.

Carter saying cheese while jumping in a moonwalk

Our Elf on the Shelf came to visit us this year again.  His name is "Elfie."  Here are some of the more creative places he hid to watch the boys to make sure they were being good.

Elfie making his grand entrance on the first day.

Camping out

Ice fishing

He also parasailed behind a speed boat one night, but I forgot to take a picture.

Here are the boys with Santa at Caleb's Elementary school.  Apparently I was one of the only parents who didn't know you're supposed to dress up your kids to see Santa!  You can tell I don't have much experience.

Telling Santa what they want for Christmas.
(Carter has a nasty bruise on his head from falling off a chair and hitting his head on the tile floor!)

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Elise said...

That is so fun - where in the world to they bring in snow from? What a great idea, I want to see if I can find anywhere around our area that brings in snow during the winter. In another year that would be a really cool activity for my kids in sunny SoCal too. :-)