My Boys

My Boys

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Heading Home

No new victims of pinkeye the rest of the trip, although Lindsey said she woke up to it a day into her long drive home. So Matt and Bryson avoided getting it in our family. A cold spread around amongst all of us as well, which I caught. (I usually have a hearty immune system!) For 2 1/2 days of the vacation, I was not able taste due to the loss of my sense of smell. It was a bit depressing as I really look forward to our yummy meals on vacation. It was probably my first vacation ever to lose weight! We were passing around Ariane's natural oils like crazy to try to prevent the spreading and catching of the two diseases. It was pretty funny.

To break up the drive home, we decided to stop off at Krause Springs.
The water was so chilly!

Bathing beauties with the babies

A beautiful waterfall

Zane cliff jumping

My dad rope swinging

Matt, Zane, and Dallin did it as well!

Checking out the campground before leaving

A fun hole in the tree.

So many fun and happy memories. I love my family! We missed having Jared and Kari's family there with us. Hopefully next year!


Elise said...

That looks so fun! I am surprised not to see a picture of you cliff jumping Haley. :-)

Kim said...

Your family trips always look so fun! Sorry about all the sicknesses though. I've never had pink eye and don't ever want to get it. Katie had it last Christmas and we were happy it didn't spread to anyone else.