My Boys

My Boys

Monday, December 9, 2013

Epcot: Day 3

The start of our day.

Talking with Crush was awesome. We kept thinking how much our boys would love it.

Walking around the World Showcase--the Epcot ball in the distance


We saw Donald Duck in Mexico!


United Kingdom

More fun characters

Matt + Goofy = match made in heaven

The lines picked up on Friday, so we used all our fast passes on this day. We still got to ride all the fun rides at least twice. Sum of All Thrills was okay. Soarin' was a really neat experience, but not a thrill ride. We still did that one twice. Matt really enjoyed Mission: Space, the intense option. We did it two times in a row, and Matt was game for more. The spinning was a little much for me after riding it twice.

We enjoyed Test Track.

We ate dinner that night in Canada at Le Cellier Steakhouse. It was our most favorite food of the whole trip. I loved their pretzel rolls!

There were a lot of fun things to see in the World Showcase and the fireworks were amazing that night. Since Matt and I really enjoy roller coasters and thrill rides, we were a little disappointed with the rides which were more of an "experience" than a ride. It was still a very enjoyable day, and we stayed for the magic hours so it was our longest day out of the 4. We did 14 miles of walking on this day!

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Looks like such a fun trip!