My Boys

My Boys

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Birthday Bunch

Carter's favorite presents: 
Life was a present from my parents. He also got a Chick Fil A lunch on his birthday.

At a service auction I attended, I won a free cake. So a friend made this amazing cake for Carter's birthday, and I enjoyed not making a cake!
Matt got me those flowers for my birthday.

Matt with a steak dinner for his 35th birthday.

I was completely humbled by the fact that some good friends decided to throw me a surprise luncheon for my birthday this year and invited quite a few friends! Who throws a party for #34? It was so generous and kind and meant so much to me more so for the fact that I knew my time as Primary president was drawing to a close. I felt that the party was more about thanking me for all that I have done for their children for the last 3 years. I was so touched. It made for the best birthday in conjunction with all the other well-wishes from family and friends. 

We spent Matt's birthday watching General Conference and all of us took turns giving him back scratches throughout the day, which are his favorite. :)

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