My Boys

My Boys

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Shurtliff Vacation Part 2

We had a more relaxing day. I slept in until 7:45, which I can’t recall the last time I slept so late. Because there was a Krispy Kreme close by, and they are a favorite of mine and Kara's, we decided to have donuts for breakfast. Later that morning, we left around 10am for a 3-mile hike. Getting to the trail head proved more difficult than it should have been, and we had to either cross a small stream or walk on a busy road with little shoulder. We opted for the stream. My first attempt crossing while holding Austin, led to me slipping on a rock and getting the right side of my body wet from the waist down. After several more attempts from others proving futile (too many kids), Matt walked in the water and carried all the kids across one by one. Matt was wearing flip flops, and one of them broke in the process, so he went on the hike barefoot. We picked a hike that was close, short, and led to a waterfall. Upon further research, we discovered that the hike actually didn’t lead to a waterfall. So about 1 mile in, we turned around because we were hot, sweaty, and several kids were complaining. We relaxed the rest of the day with games and foosball. Lindsey made fajitas for dinner.

All the cousins minus Claire

Trying to cross the stream

Matt hiking barefoot

Hanging out at the cabin


We got an early start and went to WonderWorks, also known as the upside down museum. They had so many cool science exhibits, and the kids loved it! Some favorite activities: rock climbing, laser tag, ropes course, laying on a bed of nails, XD theater experience, large bubbles, and several other exciting exhibits. We left there at 1:30, went home for lunch, and then had a relaxing afternoon and foosball tournament. In the championship game, Caleb and Kari faced off against Jared and Samantha. It was a close battle but Jared and Sam pulled out the win. Matt and I did hamburgers and hot dogs that night for dinner.

Hurricane shack

Carter and Caleb rock climbing

Austin playing with a large version of Lite-Brites

Bryson laying on a bed of nails

Austin the astronaut

Bryson the astronaut

Foosball fun

We loaded up, cleaned up and left by 8:30. We took an hour stop for dinner to break up the monotony of driving and were scheduled to be home by 11:30 pm. About an hour after dinner, we learned there was a bad accident up ahead, so we took a slow detour that was slightly faster than waiting in the traffic. We didn’t end up getting home until 12:15 am.

Overall, it was such a fun trip! My boys loved waking up to cousins to play with, and I loved the escape from normal routines and a chance to spend time with my family.

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