My Boys

My Boys

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Baking Class

I love to cook and bake and consider myself fairly proficient at both. I love trying new recipes and can easily follow a recipe and typically get great results. Even though I consider myself a confident baker, I know I have lots to learn still. So when a friend at church, with a culinary background, wanted to share her expertise in baking and hold some summer classes, I jumped at the chance. Here are some of my creations: 

I should preface by saying everything was so delicious... to the point where I sampled one of the finished product at the class, and then went home and consumed at least a few more after each class!

Lemon-Blueberry scones

I grew up where scones were fried bread eaten with powdered sugar, butter, jam, honey. It was fun to make "traditional" scones.

Cream puffs

I've never made homemade cream puffs so these were really fun!

German Pancakes
Same idea as the cream puffs where the eggs serve as the leavening. I've never made these before and just decided to make them with the boys for breakfast one day before swimming lessons. We had so much fun watching it get super big and puffy in the oven! I thought they were so yummy!

Killer brownies

In my opinion, homemade brownies have never been as good as a box you buy at the grocery store. The box brownies are so fudgy and delicious! I haven't experimented a ton with homemade brownies, so this class was fun as our teacher had made several different batches of brownies with slight variations in the recipe for us to sample in order to show us how they affect the final result. (i.e. different types of cocoa, amount of mixing, baking time, etc.) It was a fun class.

 Cinnamon Rolls

I love my family recipe of cinnamon rolls. When Matt and I got married, we argued over whose mom's recipe of cinnamon rolls was better. I argued that my mom's cinnamon rolls were better because they contained a secret ingredient. He responded that his mom's rolls also contained a secret ingredient. We soon realized that both recipes are very similar and both contain the same secret ingredient! The key to good cinnamon rolls is mashed potatoes. So with two recipes of cinnamon rolls that we love, I was not prepared to find one that I liked more. I was wrong! These were so delicious (and also contain mashed potatoes!) and just might replace my other cinnamon roll recipe. We'll have to do a taste test one day and make all 3 recipes to really determine which are best!

I've learned over the years of baking that a recipe is not ruined if you don't perfectly level off the flour. I sometimes will "guesstimate" measuring certain ingredients like sugar, peanut butter, shortening and still get great results. Christin, my friend and the teacher, calls herself a "baking rebel" because she measures even less than I do! She encouraged us to be baking rebels along with her in each class and do things like using your hand to measure a teaspoon or half teaspoon.

I had a fabulous time. Thanks so much Christin! In each class I learned at least one new tip or trick to help in my overall baking experience, not to mention a handful of new and yummy recipes! It was so fun to try a few new recipes that I've never done before and also to get out and bake with some other ladies from church once a week.

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Kim said...

This looks so fun! I also love to bake and love to try new recipes. I've never made scones before, but my mom made us German pancakes a lot and we always loved to see how big they would get in the oven. I'll have to get your recipe for the cinnamon rolls. I've never made them with mashed potatoes. All the food looks delicious!