My Boys

My Boys

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Birthday Boy!!

Bryson turned 1 year old on Saturday, Nov. 2nd. I say this every time, but I'm always amazed at how fast that first year goes!

For me there was something magical about child #3 where I felt like I just enjoyed him all the time and through every stage. I was a lot more confident and worried a lot less.

We were very fortunate and did not have to take him to the doctor at all this first year other than his wellness check-ups. What a blessing! When I took him in for his 9-month check-up, I had to see a different doctor than I have in the past, but one whom I like just as much as my children's regular pediatrician. (He's the one that helped us with all of Caleb's staph infections.) The doctor said he could tell he was a breast-fed baby because of how healthy he has been thus far. I'm sure there are lots of exceptions to this observation, but I'm grateful that all my babies have been healthy and I'm grateful for the privilege to breast feed. I love nursing; it comes with many challenges, but I love the bond I've had with each of my babies. I've been weaning down the number of times I nurse to get ready to quit completely in the next week or two. Quitting is always a bit of an emotional roller coaster...grateful to be done and have my body back, sad to lose this special time with my baby.

Bryson has made great strides on walking this last week. He took two steps last Monday, 4 steps on Tuesday, and is slowly getting his balance the more he practices each day. Still not quite there yet though.

One odd quirk about Bryson is that he really likes to be upside down. If I'm sitting cross-legged on the floor, he will come over and put his head down in my lap to indicate that he wants me to lift his legs in the air. He'll do this over and over again and just giggles and giggles.

He's very fascinated with things up high as in airplanes, ceiling fans, light fixtures. He likes to raise his hand up as if pointing to whatever he's looking at. At church this past Sunday, I was out in the foyer with Bryson for the majority of the Sacrament Meeting. (One of the downsides to never training Bryson to take a pacifier is we have nothing to plug him up with during church! He can get a little loud.) He was perplexed by the noise coming from the speaker on the ceiling and just wanted to stand under it with his hand up in the air. It was even funnier when Bryson heard his Daddy's voice come over the speaker because Matt was bearing his testimony

As I'm working through transitioning Bryson to real foods not blended up, Bryson loves soups (especially minestrone with lots of veggies), pancakes with a little syrup, and macaroni and cheese. He is not taking well to breads or sandwiches. He still loves his baby cereal and homemade baby foods.

Opening presents on his birthday 
(I wasn't going to get him anything because honestly he doesn't need anything! Then I started to feel guilty and got him some bath toys since he hasn't been enjoying his baths lately.)

My family joined us Sunday night. I went simple and the boys and I made rainbow cupcakes for Bryson's birthday. This is the look on Bryson's face when we put a candle in front of him but wouldn't let him touch it!

He got over it quickly though.
Caleb played "Happy Birthday" on the piano while we all sang to Bryson. (I'll post an update on Caleb's piano progress soon.) 

Opening presents

He'll get more and more confident with this toy.

Bryson and his cousin Lili not looking too happy, but they really do love each other!

So grateful for this little boy in our lives! I've especially enjoyed watching the older boys with him. Caleb says all the time, "He's just the cutest baby ever!" I couldn't agree more. :o)


Elise said...

Such a cutie! Could he look any more like Matt?!?

Kim said...

It's hard to believe he's already one! His face with the cupcake is so sad and cute at the same time! Happy birthday Bryson!