My Boys

My Boys

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Piano Lessons

I started teaching Caleb piano lessons when he turned 5. He was progressing fairly well, but more and more often we were just butting heads. It was difficult to separate practicing from actual lessons. We were both getting pretty frustrated because he would say he couldn't do things that I knew he was capable of doing. It was a fight every day to practice, and it progressively took more and more bribery because he wasn't intrinsically motivated. 

I finally decided that we would try a different piano teacher to see if it would help. It's just what Caleb needed! He went from a boy who complained every day about practicing (and sometimes it just wasn't worth the fight on my end) to a boy who wanted to practice the piano every day. No more complaining!! Caleb is very motivated to learn his pieces well and listens a lot better to me now when we practice. I love hearing Caleb practice all by himself randomly during the day because he wants to. He was assigned the piece, "Happy Birthday" right before Bryson's birthday. It was a huge motivator to learn the piece well in order to accompany everyone singing Happy Birthday to Bryson. I hope he always appreciates this talent and loves music all his life.



Kara Shurtliff said...

Oh he sounds really good! Yeah, I'm sure Clay will only teach our kids in the VERY beginning too, and then we'll have someone else. I know I would have been much more difficult to my parents growing up vs a teacher (sadly)

The Figgins said...

I have learned already with Elijah that if I try to teach him something he will resist. He wouldn't try at all when I tried to help him learn his colors but he'd watch 1 Mickey Mouse every day and he learned his colors in no time. Sometimes they need someone else.

Kim said...

He's so cute and a good little piano player! I have had several students in the past whose parents started teaching them and then decided it would be better for someone else to do it. :) He is lucky to have you to help him practice!