My Boys

My Boys

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Birthday Boy!

Carter's 4th birthday was last Sunday, March 30th. The poor kid had to wait till after church to open presents because I had early-morning meetings. (I was just called a month ago as the ward Primary President.)

He requested an Incredible Hulk birthday cake. It was a team effort between Matt and I...we just did the best we could. Of course Carter was ecstatic!

Carter requested an Incredible Hulk cake last year as well. (Still an obsession a year later?) But I convinced him to have a Captain America cake instead since making the shield was going to be a lot easier than Incredible Hulk. So when he asked for Incredible Hulk again this year, we had to make it happen.

Later that night we got together with my family to eat cake, and Carter got to open a few more presents.

(I forgot to turn my phone sideways while videoing.)

Matt and I also celebrated birthdays this past week. Mine was also Sunday, the 30th, and Matt's was Wed. April 2nd. Another year older and wiser too...


Kim said...

The cake looks awesome! Good job! I am terrible at cake decorating. Carter is so cute!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday, Carter!! You did a great job on the cake! I was just released as the primary president! And another friend (from our BYU married ward and who also lives in Texas) was just called as the primary president. Too fun! I hope it's going well.