My Boys

My Boys

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Matt is the gardner in our family; I love reaping the benefits. Last year, we weren't able to do much of a garden because we were moving. We planted some tomatoes, and as we feared, didn't get to eat any of them as they were ready to pick a few weeks after we moved. Matt's been working hard this year, experimenting with different variables to see what yields the best results. We have room for a bigger garden now. Yay!

Tomatoes on the left, peppers on the right

Corn up top and herbs at the bottom

spinach, onions, carrots

Entire garden

We have some strawberry plants growing well so far too that you can't see well in any of the pictures. Just as in the past, Caleb loves going out to check the progress of the garden each day. He gives us a count daily of what's far 8 tomatoes and 2 strawberries.

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Kim said...

It looks awesome! I need Matt to give me some tips because so far we have not been very successful with our garden here. We finally planted ours a couple weeks ago. (A little late, but we missed all the freezes)