My Boys

My Boys

Monday, January 14, 2013

2 months

Bryson turned 2 months old at the beginning of the month!

My little sweetheart!

We went to the doctor for his check-up, and after he was weighed in, I had to ask if he was really my son.  He only weighed 12 lbs. 11 oz. which put him in the 61st percentile.  At the 2 month mark, Caleb was in the 90th percentile and Carter was in the 98th percentile!  And Bryson weighed more at birth than the other two.  Carter and Caleb were both chunky, chunky babies with lots of rolls.  It's actually kind of fun to have an average-sized baby.

Caleb feeding Bryson a bottle.  Caleb loved it!

Caleb at 2 months

Carter at 2 months

Bryson received a baby's blessing at church on December 23rd.

Caleb on his blessing day


It's kind of fun to compare pictures of all three boys at the same age.  I think that Bryson tends to look more like Caleb than Carter.  We'll see as he gets older.


Kara Shurtliff said...

Oh my! That first picture of the three of them is SO great! What handsome boys you have! And Bryson just keeps getting cuter and cuter! Sheesh! I can't wait to compare my kids photos too!

Elise said...

So cute to see the three of them compared at the same age.

Jared and Kari said...

Cutie pie! He looks a lot like Caleb now!