My Boys

My Boys

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Nap

We're enjoying our new church time of 10:30am instead of 8:30, which allows us to enjoy a nice breakfast together in the morning and still have time for an afternoon nap after church.

This picture below is a rare event because Caleb hardly ever naps, even if he didn't get as much sleep the night before for whatever reason.  Carter generally will take a nap Sunday afternoon (3 hours of church seems to wear him out each week!), and occasionally during the week.  Anyway, catching all my boys sleeping at the same time in the same location was a picture worth documenting.  While they napped, I enjoyed some coveted time to myself to read my scriptures and practice the piano :o).

Another recent nap picture of Matt and Bryson.  With each baby, I have pictures of Matt + baby napping together.  Matt has such a warm body temperature which serves well to put babies to sleep and to keep me warm in the winter!


Anneliese Bennion said...

Those are darling pictures!

Eva said...

That is so sweet! All four guys sleeping together! Love it!

Elise said...

Haley it's hilarious that they can sleep like that, like puppies all piled together! I don't think I could ever get comfortable enough to sleep with three kids on me. :-) It's a guy thing I think....Cute!