My Boys

My Boys

Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Break Day 5

I think Friday was the most fun day.  The weather was warmer on Friday, but still started out pretty cool, so we planned a picnic lunch and beach swimming for the afternoon.  Matt got a half day off work and met us at the beach on the way home.  The conditions couldn't be more perfect: secluded spot all to ourselves; white, cool sand felt wonderful on your feet; water a bit cold but everyone adjusted just fine.

Everyone stepping into the water for the first time.  Matt and Zane trying to take each other down.

Matt found a clam

 Caleb showing the clam

All the boys playing together

Carter splashing through the water.  If I remember correctly, this is his first beach experience.  It was just a creek and not the ocean, so we were just missing some waves.  But he didn't know the difference!

Running like a basilisk lizard on the water!

All ready to jump in the water with Grandpa

Grandma with the two babies.  She had just finished feeding Lili.

Working on a sand resort

The finished product.  This picture doesn't give it justice.

Bryson hanging out in the shade

If the sun ever went behind the clouds, Carter and Gavin found it was too cold!

 Buried in the sand

Then it was the daddy's turn to be buried!

It was such an enjoyable day!!!


Elise said...

That looks so fun Haley. :-) Cousins are the best!

Karen said...

What a FUN spring break! You documented it so well and planned some great activities. How do you do the homemade puffy paint?